10 Weird Nicknames of Cricketers Decoded. Which is Your Favorite?



    1. Steve Waugh = Tugga

    This one makes total sense. One of the toughest players to set foot on the cricket field, Waugh was called “Tugga” by teammates. Tugga is shortened version of “Tug of War” and Waugh was named for his tough as nails attitude.

    2. Glenn McGrath = Pigeon

    The lanky Aussie fast bowler got the nickname after a New South Wales teammate poked fun of his thin legs. “You’ve stolen a pigeon’s legs,” teammate Brad McNamara is said to remarked. Makes sense, no?

    3. Virat Kohli = Chikoo

    Apparently, one day, Virat Kohli got a brand-new hairdo when he was playing Ranji trophy for Delhi and walked into the dressing room. Seeing him, Delhi’s assistant coach Ajit Chowdhary quipped: “You look like a Chikoo!” The name stuck.  

    4. Imran Khan = Im the Dim   

    Novelist Salman Rushdie and Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan were never great friends. In 2012, they had a public spat after Khan pulled out of a speaking engagement which featured Rushdie, saying that Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses had hurt Muslims. Rushdie hit back saying that, back in Khan’s “playboy days”, he was nicknamed as “Im the Dim.” Ouch!

    5. Venkatapathy Raju = Muscles

    The thin scrawny former Indian spinner got the nickname because of his…uh…delicate frame. No big surprises there.

    6. Merv Hughes = Fruitfly

    Character, master sledger and big bellied Australian fast bowler, Merv Hughes was named ‘fruitfly’ by his team-mates after the great Australian pest.

    7. Roger Binny = Jackie 

    The all rounder who was a part of the 1983 world cup team is named after a fruit. The Jackfruit, to be precise. Actually, Binny’s curvy bottom is the reason is he is called Jackie, short for Jackfruit.

    8. Stuart Broad = Westlife


    The lanky English fast bowler is called “Westlife” because of his soft boyband singer looks.

    9. Brett Lee = Binga

    Brett Lee used to play for New South Wales, which had popular chain of electronic stores called Bing Lee. Hence, Binga.

    10. Andrew Flintoff = Freddie

    The England all rounder was nicknamed Freddie because of the resemblance of his second name (Flintoff) with that of the cartoon character Fred Flintstone.


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