In the midst of trilateral talks between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has remarked that Kabul could become an important part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) — the flagship project of China’s larger Belt and Road Initiative to control trade in Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Launched in 2013 as “one belt, one road”, the Initiative involves China underwriting billions of dollars of infrastructure investments — roads, rail routes, oil pipelines —  in countries along the old Silk Road linking it with Europe. The ambitious project, when completed, will span 68 countries across 4 continents and will touch 60% of the world’s population. 

Turning 36 is hardly a milestone birthday. You’ve put the turbulent twenties behind you, but you’re still a few miles short of 40. It is time to ask yourself some fundamental questions: Who are you? What do you stand for? And most importantly, where do you go next?

And Infosys, aged 36, asked itself all these questions through 2017. The experience was painful. Ask anybody associated with the company – management, founders, ex-employees, shareholders –  would like to forget the last twelve months in a hurry.

After all, it’s not every year that a company endures a slew of letters from an anonymous whistle-blower, open acrimony between the company’s venerated founder – NR Narayana Murthy – and management, a media feeding frenzy, allegations of wrongdoing, internal investigations and attrition of top talent. 

On Thursday, Maruti announced that it would be rolling out its first electric car by 2020. However, in the same statement, MSIL chairman R.C. Bhargava claimed that India would not be able to hit their 100% electric vehicle target by 2030. Bhargava even went as far as to claim that SIAM’s target of 40% by 2030 was unrealistic.

NASA released a video — a “to-do list”, to be precise — outlining the world’s premier space agency’s plans for 2018. The list includes everything from visiting asteroids as old as our solar system to celebrating their 60th birthday.

Considering that ISRO and the private Indian space companies have been in the news a lot this year, will India to keep up with the NASA IN 2018?

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