5 Reasons To Drink More Water In The Monsoons


Monsoons are here and you’ve waved the dehydration and the summer goodbye. However, you’re wrong if you think monsoon isn’t going to drain you of water content in your body. You would seldom find yourself thirsty but that’s just humidity fooling you. Here are 5 reasons why you need to drink more water this rainy season.

1. To fight dehydration. Humidity takes away huge amounts of water from the body and we don’t even realize it. You need to drink at least two litres of water a day. 

2. To fight lethargy. Let’s face it, the rains always make you feel lazy. Water perks up your mood and is a natural energiser, keeping you fresh and active.

3. To fight skin conditions. Humidity and dampness lowers the skin’s immunity, making it prone to acne and other infections. Water shields your skin from these. 

4. To boost your immune system. Water contains all the vital minerals to stay healthy in this season of allergies and the flu.

5. To fight bloating and indigestion. When it rains, it pours …snacks! Thus causing bloating and other tummy problems. Water helps in quick digestion and controls acidity.  


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