5 Tasty Bread Snacks You Can Try At Home


Monsoon brings with it waves of cravings for crispy savouries to go with your evening tea but you’ve run out of supplies and you aren’t sure how to get creative with just a loaf of bread. We’ve got you covered! Here are five awesome recipes to turn that boring loaf into yummy evening bread snacks.

1. Bread rolls – Make delicious bread rolls with leftover cooked veggies, chicken or egg. Egg wash them and stick them in the oven or deep fry them!


2. French Toast – Soak bread in milk and eggs, season it to your liking and fry lightly in olive oil. Get creative with your French toast and throw in some finely chopped veggies or sausages.


3. Bread Upma – Bread cut in cubes, spices, onions and tomatoes – all thrown in a pan! While it may not sound exciting, it makes for a delicious snack and could be seriously addictive. 


4. Chilli cheese toast – Cut them in perfect triangles, sprinkle some cheese, chillies and garlic. Let them sit in the oven for a few minutes before you get the prettiest looking snack out.


5. Bread Pakoda – Spiced mashed potatoes, bread and flour can give you the perfect crunch to go with that ginger chai. Check out Tarla’s recipes for the easiest recipes.


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