7 Reasons You Should Take Up Belly Dancing Now!


More women have taken to belly dance to shake, shimmy, stay in shape and, in the process, end up re-discovering themselves.Belly dancing, also called ‘Raqs Sharqi’, is one of the oldest forms of dance that is said to have it roots in various cultures in India, Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean regions. Here are some interesting reasons why you should work that belly!

1. Toned and Flexible!

Belly dance tightens the core muscles, hips and glutes with its gentle repetitive movements. There are two common problem areas for women which are the hips and arms – these are exercised during the hip drops, figure 8s, shimmies and circles, lifts or rippling wave-like movements. The toned and flexible look is always in and what better way to achieve both than with this sensual workout. So there!

 2. Stronger Back

Belly dancing makes you work those small muscles hidden in your lower back, you would never really use. It relieves stress to the back and helps prevent lower back problems as it increases blood circulation and the flow of synovial fluid – a natural lubricant. The muscles attached to the ligaments in your spinal column is well exercised, strengthened and made flexible in a safe and effective way. So wave goodbye to all age-related back problems.

3. Weight Shredder

Naturally, when you’ve been shimmying it right and practising all your moves everyday, you know you’re getting in shape and feeling sexier. Like any other form of exercise, belly dance requires regularity and aerobic practice of the movements. The key to a good sweaty workout is repetitive movements. Enjoy this rhythmic and fun way to shed those extra calories.

4. De-Stress

Belly dance increases blood flow with its both sinuous and staccato movements and releases the tension from your body. Belly dance allows you to tune into the natural movements of your body, bringing relaxation and calm while also gradually upping your energy levels. A stress buster + energy booster = WIN!

5. Great Digestion 

That’s right! Those belly movements didn’t just end at a great dance routine and a toned body – they also aid in digestion. Rolling the belly, swaying your torso, the hips movements and other exercises for the abdominal region involved in belly dancing, helps food move along the digestive system. Bon appétit!

6. Intense Orgasms

You heard us! Belly dancing not just tones your outer muscles but also increases blood flow to your sexual organs. It tightens the inner vaginal muscles and strengthens them, giving better and more intense orgasms because of increased sensitivity. The sensual moves increase your sexual confidence and you could also put some of these great moves to good use with your partner. Wink wink!

7. Body Image Booster

Belly dance, more than the other dance forms, is a lot more accepting of all body types. It is just as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health. At the end of just the first lesson, you would learn to embrace the way you look and feel sensual and confident. Shimmy away! 


(Kavya Viswanathan, Intructor-Founder, Martiya – A Dance Community)

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