8 Low Fat Desserts that’ll Keep You Healthy & Cool In Summer


1. Sorbet

Fresh fruit sorbet- creamy, chilled, smooth. Summer is the best time for amazing fruit- watermelon, mangoes, musk melon, lemon. Make it at home or walk down to the closest Gelato parlor for your sweet fix and a dose of Vitamin C.

2. Popsicles

Remember orange bars and school uniforms? Get a taste of childhood and let your imagination run wild- kiwi, strawberry, mango, watermelon. These are a party favourite. For those who want a little high- make one with bubbly and strawberries. Instant hit!

3. Yoghurt

Have it with fruit, honey, jaggery, muesli or just plain. Age old wisdom of dahi being good for summer is indeed true. Load up on probiotic goodness.

4.Oat Apple Crumble

Super simple recipe. Slice apples, sprinkle cinnamon, make crumble with oats and voila- you are good to go. Add honey for more guilty pleasure.

5.Cheesecake without the cheese

Did we mention that you can eat fabulous cheesecake without putting any cheese? Use hung curd and cottage cheese (the humble paneer) as a substitute.

6.Fruit tart

Make a crumble with crushed digestive biscuits, add a layer of creamy hung curd (or not if you are vegan) and top it up with your favourite sliced fruit.

7.Banana Ice Cream

Slice bananas, chill them, run it in a mixi and eat it. Top it up with honey and nuts. We promise you won’t miss ice cream.

8.Tender coconut smoothie

A staple in the hot streets of Kerala. Put tender coconut and malai in a blender- add chopped mangoes and a sprig of mint.


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