A place to call home – Hostel at Manipal University Jaipur


A Hostel to match the Grand Campus which is maintained by “New Door”. The campus is built using eco-friendly practices. The campus has Bio-gas plant, The waste from food court and retail goes to the plant to get processed to generate cooking gas.Recreational Area: Thoughtfully planned ergonomic design. The best facilities: Stores & Services: DTDC Courier, Departmental Store, Tailoring Services, telephonic services, Tours & Travel, Books & Stationeries, etc. Gym & Sports Facilities: Gym Area Football Ground, Tennis Court, Badminton court, Squash court, Out basketball court, etc A world-class canteen: Chef-on-wheels: they cater for multiple amounts of people and have varied cuisines varying from vegetarian, North Indian, Jain Cuisine etc. There are many students who come with a certain type of allergies towards food and special recommendation towards the type of food such as non-spicy. Also, during festival seasons like Ramazan when there are many student fasting then we also have preferred food for that fasting duration. There are some medical conditions as well where we customize the food at our canteen for our students and staff. Therefore, there are no set rules as that we are going to serve a particular kind of cuisine. We are very open and flexible as it keeps varying all the time. Numerous Eateries: Such as Tandoor, 360-degree, Fries Overloaded, Fit & Fro etc. An Efficient Laundry System: Laundry system available for students at the campus. Safety First: Equipped measurements to keep the campus safe in time of an emergency. Affordable Medical Centre: To cater to the medical emergencies, we have an in-house medical center at an affordable price for the students. MUJ also have a dedicated ambulance available within the medical center which can take the patient, in case required, to our Manipal hospital which is located in the Jaipur city. Flawless Security Network: The hostel has 24/7 well-trained duty-personnel. There are CCTV cameras placed in the campus which covers the open areas, various corridors, and lifts. A balance of freedom and discipline: A place to call home – MUJ Hostel!


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