Is Amazon Making A Huge Mistake?


This month, Amazon made history by becoming only the third company in the world to hit a $1 trillion valuation after Apple and PetroChina. Apart from making Jeff Bezos the richest man on the planet, this seems to have engendered no discernible change in their operating model.

In fact, it seems to have done nothing but spur Amazon on to keep growing. Their latest plan? Find the next 100 million customers in India. Much like Google and Facebook, they’ve focussed the simplest method forward – go regional.

Hence, their announcement that their e-commerce website in India will now be available in Hindi as well. However, the business is not as simple as that. Just ask Snapdeal, who launched a similar language service across multiple regional languages in India in December 2015 and January 2016. They had to shut down everything but English soon after.

To figure out just what the issue is, we turned to Deepak Shenoy, CEO of Capitalmind Wealth, on the latest episode of The Capitalmind Show. Will this move turn out well for the world’s largest e-commerce firm, or is it just going to burn cash for no reason? Is regional India ready for Amazon?

You can also listen to this video as an India Talks podcast here.



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