#SpotlightOnIndia: Kochi Has the Most Incredible Street Art in India!


Cochin is famous for a lot – their history of expelling colonists from Europe and standing up to invaders from the North, their massive trading coast line that has centuries-old links to Arabia, and their modern multi-cultural society. Not to mention their seafood!

However, the beauty of their art is often lost in this chaotic list of achievements. To make up for it, the city hosts Asia’s largest contemporary art festival and India’s largest art exhibition – the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. The fourth edition of the Biennale is currently happening in Cochin between December 12, 2018 and March 29, 2019.

On the latest episode of #SpotlightOnIndia, Arun NM hits the streets of Kochi to see how this festival has changed the city. From paintings to posters and full wall murals, some of the world’s most famous artists have painted the town red!

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