Australian Prog Guitarist PLINI India Tour Interview | JAMTOAST


Plini is an Australian guitar virtuoso who earned buzz with EP’s like Sweet Nothings before dropping his debut full-length, Handmade Cities, in 2016. He is known to fans for his progressive, highly-technical guitar playing.

In this brief, yet fun interview during his India tour, Plini talks about his style of music, upcoming album, his first instrument being the Ukelele, his favourite Indian food being Cheese Naan and so much more!

JamToast is a show that mixes performance, interview and discussion with incredible musicians, singers, guitarists from the international and Indian indie music scene. Hosted by a talented Indian vocalist – Vidyaa Prakash – JamToast brings out the story of a musician’s journey, their early struggles, their inspirations and the nuances of their style.


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