Barcelona Academy in the 1980s or Bengaluru FC’s Today?


Carles Cuadrat has seen it all. From being a youth graduate at FC Barcelona in the 1980s to travelling the globe as assistant manager to Albert Roca, the Spaniard has been studying
football for a long time. This year, he decided to use that knowledge to become the boss at
Bengaluru FC.

But before we get to Bengaluru FC’s chances, what does Cuadrat have to say about Indian
football? Does he agree with the wild predictions of success over the next few years? Can we ever win the World Cup? Do we just not have enough talented players in a country of over a billion people?

And, what about the Cuadrat the Barcelona fan? What does he think of Real Madrid’s ridiculous Champions League successes of the last few years? Is he happy Ronaldo is finally gone? Or would he have wanted the Portuguese superstar to play alongside Lionel Messi at the Nou Camp?!

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