Budget Wheels! Here Are 3 Cars You Can Buy With Just About ₹3 Lakhs


Three beauties under Rs 3 Lakhs? Game on.

3 Cars That You Can Buy On A ₹3 Lakh Budget

Five years back, I would’ve agreed to the adage of four wheels being an expensive purchase option. Today, however, the landscape of vehicle sales has changed dramatically. It’s a completely new economy, with fuel-efficiency, price tags and environment-friendliness becoming more sought after buzzwords than the traditional concepts of horse power and rugged looks.

So here, I’ve listed three superb cars with three radically different brand identities, that you can purchase today with just about Rs 3 Lakhs in your pocket. That’s right. Two of these three beauties come with an on-road price of less than Rs 3 Lakhs, and the last one barely breaks shy of the price tag.

And yes – The Tata Nano has been excluded from this list on account of being:

a) An obvious entrant in this segment

b) Out of production (Tata has halted all Nano manufacturing units)

Under review today, are the Datsun redi-Go, the Maruti Alto 800 (Yay Maruti!) and the Renault KWID. Here goes!

The Maruti Alto 800

Price: Rs 2.85 lakh onwards (on-road price, before discounts)
Current sale offers: Upto Rs 20,000 cash benefits, upto Rs 30,000 exchange bonus (As of November 2018)

At Rs 2.85 Lakhs, the Alto 800 is quite literally India’s most affordable car. It replaced the old Maruti 800 in the year 2000 to quickly rise through the ranks and become the largest selling car in small towns and rural markets (Maruti has sold 35 lakh Altos since the year 2000!) in the Indian car market.

Above everything else, the Alto 800 has been pegged as a reliable car, combining low running costs and exceptionally easy driving. The vehicle packs a 800cc engine paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox, making it almost perfect for daily drives within the city.

For a little under Rs 3 lakhs (on-road), you can pick up the Alto 800 base standard or the Alto 800LX Option trim. It’s a definite value-for-money car. The only drawback with the Alto 800 is that it isn’t that great on highways.

The Datsun redi-GO

Price: Rs 2.85 lakh onwards (on-road price, before discounts)

Current sale offers: 1st Year Insurance + 2 Gram Gold Coin + Rs 12K Exchange Benefits + 3 Year Road Side Assistance (As of November 2018)

The base model of the Datsun redi-GO is a great buy, coming in shy of Rs 3 Lakhs. With the ongoing exchange bonus, you are likely to pick up the A model, if you negotiate well. The redi-GO offers unbeatable value for money, with available add-ons such as body-colored bumpers, left and right outside mirrors, premium upholstery, power steering, heated air-conditioning, driver information display and a charging outlet.

And even though it’s a small car, its generous dimensions and unique design let it stand out from the crowd of other entry level hatchbacks. For millennials and young professionals, it’s a good upgrade over the Alto 800, with little or no changes to the price tag.

The Renault KWID

Price: Rs 3.02 lakh onwards (on-road price, before discounts)

Current sale offers: 50% Off on 1st Year Insurance + Rs 15000 Exchange Bonus + 4 Year Warranty on Select Model (As of November 2018)

There are two good reasons not to buy the Renault KWID, and its price tag is not one of them. Putting aside the small (28-liter) petrol tank and a five meter-long turning radius, this is a dream come true for entry-level hatchback aspirants with SUV dreams.

Nicknamed the ‘Baby SUV’, the KWID has emerged quickly as a traveller’s favorite, with a premium cabin, and optional add-ons (on the AMT variants) such as a touch-screen infotainment interface, full LCD speedometer console, rear arm-rest, and a rotary knob for gear selection. The KWID comes in two versions, one with a 800cc engine and another with a 1000cc engine. The base model comes home at a little over 3 Lakhs, and yet, Renault is selling eight variants of the model with a wide price range of Rs 2 Lakhs (+/-) to a wide set of buyers.

The verdict rests with you, and if you do happen to pick any one of these three babies (or if you already own one of them), drop a comment below!

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