Building Blocks • Accidental Artist Nishka Mehta


Every year, thousands upon thousands of college students graduate with B.Com. degrees all over the country. Just a handful of them end up with the dream jobs they envisioned when entering school. The others become…an artist?!

Meet Nishka Mehta, the aspiring businesswoman who just happened to become a successful artist along the way. In the month before she graduated college, her mother bought 25 canvases. Within the week, she had painted on them all.

Considering the clutter of canvases around the house, her mother forced Nishka to sell her paintings. After failing miserably at an exhibition, she went online and created her Facebook page Art Beat. The paintings sold out instantly, and today the page has nearly 50,000 followers through word of mouth alone.

Ever since, Nishka’s business has grown and grown. From painting trinkets and selling them, to full wall murals at 5-star properties, Art Beat has become the business that Nishka always wanted to work at.

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