“A Lot of Startups Don’t Even Have A Profitable Business Model!”: Rajiv Talreja


Running a business in India is not easy. There’s a whole ton of bureaucracy, hidden costs, and who knows what else to deal with. Luckily, there are also people like Rajiv Talreja to help you out.

Talreja is the author of the accidental Amazon best seller “Lead or Bleed.” It’s a book that chronicles the ideal startup techniques in India – a rarity within booklists of the entrepreneurial world. Funnily enough, the book only came about after Talreja realised that he had spent nearly a decade failing at running his own startup!

After the success of becoming a famous writer, Talreja turned back to his main passion – building a business designed to help the Indian startup ecosystem flourish. Since then, Quantum Leap – his consultancy firm – has become synonymous with efficient advisors that help almost every company they work with.

You can check out the work Talreja is doing on his website.

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