#SpotlightOnIndia: Why is Charithra Malika Not Funded By the Government?


Charithra Malika is an age-old bungalow in Amaravila, Kerala. It is a beacon of how our country should treat our history – with history and information, maintained well, and with programs aimed at children so that they can enjoy learning.

However, there is just one problem. Charithra Malika is not run by the government, but by an individual citizen called Abhilash Kumar. Despite having to pay for the whole setup through his own pocket – causing him personal financial difficulties quite regularly – he believes there is no other way to keep the bungalow alive.

On the latest episode of Spotlight on India, Yadu Vijayakrishnan travels to Amaravila to visit Kumar at Charithra Malika, and to find out why he keeps putting his heart and soul into the museum.

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Header Image: Dileep9080, Wikimedia Commons


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