Meet the 22-Year Old Putting Fitbits on Cows!


There’s been a lot of debates over the last few years about cows. Whether you believe that veganism is the only humane way to co-exist with animals, if you believe leather products are inherently evil, or if you think cows should be worshipped because of religion, our mooing friends have entered the national debate.

Mehal Kejriwal is the 22-year old founder of Happy Milk, a Bangalore-based brand that is looking to bring organic milk to the masses. While she happily admits that her company’s organic milk costs double the amount of any competitor on the market, she also has a good reason.

In a word? Fitbits. That’s right. Kejriwal’s company has such high costs because they have huge overheads, largely borne from their treatment of their cows. Not only are they monitored with fitbits, but their weather is controlled, their fodder is grown in-house, and they’re even sung songs!

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