Dell Technologies Scales Employee Ideas Into Products


Texas based IT giant Dell Technologies is increasingly looking at turning ideas of their own employees into product offerings from the OEM.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Dell Technologies World, Glen Burrows, Regional Vice President , Dell EMC pointed out that they have strategic programs for their employees and actively rotate employees in different roles . “ In the last few months, we have taken three ideas from our employees and scaled them to active products on the Dell catalogue. Our employees do not work in silos and we have created a diversified workforce in our APAC regions.”

He further states that employees from different backgrounds are encouraged to take up roles which require them to learn new technologies. This makes them work out of their comfort zone.

Apart from scaling of employees into mini entrepreneurs , he pointed out Dell’s work in the field of Internet of things. He interestingly said that 5G platform will still take some time before it comes prevalent across the world. But their edge computing prowess helps IoT platforms reach their full potential.

Burrows also reiterated the importance of the Asia Pacific Region. He said that year on year they are increasing the manufacturing strength of the region for Dell and have created a massive network of manufacturing companies in Asia to meet Dell’s global demands. “India is one of our main centres of manufacturing in Asia and we plan to further scale that process and even political standpoints between countries over trade negotiations will not hamper our manufacturing process in Asia.”

While the manufacturing business is going strong in Asia, Dell continues to step into the future with a consumption based subscription model where customers can lease out products and services according to demands and not just lock in various rigid contracts.


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