Dosa Is the Most Bizarre Food I Have Ever Had: Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd



Sarah Todd, a celebrity chef and Australian model is popular for winning Masterchef Australia, Season 6 and hosting several food shows on various lifestyle channels. Sarah loves all things Indian, especially the amazing culinary delights available here. Having grown up in a family that had three basic and non-spicy meals a day, Sarah says she has never been fussy about food. Her love for food grew when she later started traveling on modelling assignments. Her interest in cooking, however grew when her partner Dev, would prepare tasty Indian delicacies for her.

In this interview Sarah talks about the most bizarre food she’s ever tried that turned out to be a pleasant surprise for her. The epic South Indian treat – DOSA! Watch out for her really cool answer when asked what she’d be if she weren’t a chef. Sarah has her own restaurant in India and aims to open one in Australia soon. She also shares a few must-know cooking secrets in this interview.


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