Flipkart and Amazon Can’t Reach Smaller Towns – Maybe They Need to Offer More Choice!


Flipkart and Amazon are currently in the middle of a titanic struggle to increase their customer base outside Indian metros. However, the solution to the Indian e-commerce problem could actually be in the hands of a small, little known startup from Bangalore called Arzooo.com

They have managed to create a model where they not only offer products for cheaper than any other retailer (online or offline), but do so with almost negligent costs. In fact, their biggest costs are the salaries they pay their team!

On the latest episode of Startup Stars, we talk to Arzooo.com founders Rishi Raj Rathore and Khushnud Khan about not only how they have managed to build an innovative online shopping website, but also how they plan to revolutionise e-commerce altogether.

If you prefer, you can also listen to the podcast of our interview with the Arzooo.com founders here.


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