#SpotlightOnIndia: India’s Edakkal Caves Have Drawings Dating Back 7000 years!


Kerala’s Edakkal Caves are not actually caves. In reality, they are actually massive rock faces that have collapsed on each other! But that is not even the most surprising fact you are going to learn about the famous tourist site in South India.

For thousands of years, local civilisations have been carving their name across wall faces of the Edakkal Caves. From at least 5000 BCE onwards (7000 years ago!), historians have found carvings about life in the area.

Mind-blowingly, they have also found that some of the carvings could relate to the Indus Valley Civilisation – which is more than 2500 kilometres away! On the latest episode of #SpotlightOnIndia we take you through the trip between these ancient cultures.

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