Sunny Vaghela loves hacking. He helped the Ahmadabad police in 2008 to figure out the email trail of people involved in the serial bomb blasts. He took the love of hacking and made it into a company.

But his firm Tech Defence Labs is gradually moving into the space of online education market. They are a cyber security company selling products and services but the last few years has seen the 100 member organization collaborate with schools and universities to teach courses related on cyber security.

Over the years, his cyber security company has evolved into training and educating young minds in India on various tenets of cyber security.

Speaking to TheBigScope, Vaghela says that his team trains students across India. They even have internship programs for 6 months to one year and also rolled out one year Post Graduate programs in information security.

“A lot of security professionals today just know certain tools to access cyber risks but don’t have any idea how certain infosec tools work. Our aim to train young people in cyber hygiene, how and why certain online tools are used in hacking and further make people aware of basics of the cyber world.”

Vaghela says that one of things that bothers him a lot is the absence of basic knowledge of certain tools and cyber preparedness among security startups. He hopes that through his training he can create the next generation of infosecurity entrepreneurs. “90% of our content is practical . We teach people how to write manual code and run simulations of current cyber attacks to learn how to avoid certain pattern attacks in the future.”

Vaghela started his security startup before it became a norm in India. He reminisces how hacking of his email account led to him to start learning about information security. Over the years, he has found many loopholes in social media platforms , helped police departments across the country cyber crime cases and trained many CIOs and CTOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Moving forward, Vaghela plans to enter the African middle east market with their suits of security solutions and services.


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