Farmer Loans and Loan Waivers; Will India Ever Break the Cycle?


The Netherlands is one of the smaller countries in Europe. It is also, somehow, the bread basket of the entire continent. More surprisingly still, the Dutch farmer leads a fairly comfortable life unlike her counterpart in India.

Our country seems to be stuck in a vicious cycle – during the dry season, the government is forced to give our agriculture industry loans to tide them over. During times of harvest, over-production leads to over-supply and incredibly cheap crops in the market place. So, the government has to waive those loans.

If this was just a one-off occurrence, or a problem confined to just a small farmer group, it might have been ignorable. However, India’s current situation has to be dealt with.

To figure out an answer, financial guru Deepak Shenoy is back on the latest episode of The Capitalmind Show. From simple answers such as increasing quantity and quality of warehouses to more complicated structural overhauls, he presents multiple solutions to the crisis.

But, how hard is it to implement these ideas?


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