Protests Inspired this 17 Year Old Create a Device for Farmers

A conversation with his driver, four years ago, changed Ishan Malhotra’s life. Malhotra was travelling from Jaipur from Delhi when a radio jockey started talking about farmer protests across the country.
Malhortra’s driver then muttered about how he and his son had to walk a mile to switch on a motor that irrigated his fields. Often, the motor wouldn’t switch on because of periodic power cuts.
“I thought that when we have robots to do simple tasks in modern era, why can’t we think of something which benefits the farmers as well,” says 17 year old Malhotra.

The result: a device called Pluto which allowed farmers to remotely turn on their pumps. “The device is connected to the pump and all that a farmer has to do is press a button at his end to start or stop the pump. “The device works in low network connectivity and can even work in 2G networks,” says Malhotra.

Malhotra used his knowledge of working with Arduino, an open source platform that enables users to create interactive electronic objects, to create the device, back at Stanford University where he was summer intern.
Each one of these devices costs around Rs. 750. Malhotra says he is looking for crowd sourcing platforms  like Impact Guru to raise more funds to build more devices.


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