Fire Breaks Out In Andheri West, 2 Mumbaikars Dead, 1 Injured


A fire broke out on the tenth and eleventh floors of a Mumbai high rise on Tuesday night, killing at least two people and leaving one injured.

Three people were rescued from an apartment’s bedroom, and two dead bodies (severely burnt) were recovered from the living room of the same flat. No reports of murder/foul play have been recorded yet.

Fire Breaks Out In Andheri West, 2 Mumbaikars Dead


  • The fire was reported at 8:25 PM on Tuesday, November 13, 2018
  • The 21-story Kadam Nagar SRA Building near Oberoi Tower on Veera Desai Road was identified as the source of the fire
  • Floors ten and eleven reported a level-2 fire, which is considered severe
  • Mumbai’s fire department arrived on scene with 10 firemen by 8:48 PM
  • The fire was reported to be ‘under control’ by 10:10 PM
  • Three people were rescued from an affected apartment
  • Two people (unidentified) were found dead in the same apartment

Reports of a serious blaze originated at Veera Desai Road in Andheri West, early into Tuesday night. Mumbai’s firemen rushed to get the situation under control, but it took them nearly an hour and a half to execute their plan, and two people died during that time. One of them is seriously injured and recovering, according to IANS reports.

According to first-hand accounts, three people had gotten trapped in the bedroom of their apartment, which in turn was bolted from the inside, prohibiting direct entry from the firemen. These three were eventually rescued to safety once the flames had been extinguished. However, the rescue operatives recovered two more charred bodies that were ‘lying’ in the living room floor of the same apartment. These bodies were then taken to a hospital that legally declared them dead. Official statements in the matter were issued by the BMC’s Disaster Control Unit.

The identity of the deceased victims has not been revealed yet, and it remains to be seen whether the incident goes down as an accident or a perpetrated crime.

Source: ET


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