Getting Mad At Everything? Here’s How to Beat Anger



Destructive, irreversible and upsetting – The results of anger gone out of control can leave you shattered and filled with regret. Anger, though a healthy emotion, can be extremely damaging when it spirals out of control – it affects relationships, health and one’s state of mind.

Most people Think anger management is about learning to suppress anger but it isn’t. It teaches you how to control your behavior when angry and how to keep yourself from wanting to cause harm to oneself or others – verbally or physically. You can have more control over your anger than you realize.

You’re hurt by a loved one and you snap badly at your partner trying to convey your feelings. You may have chosen to scream and yell to get the point across. Now there is bitterness between the two of you and you have a hard time bringing things back to normal. This damage could have been avoided if you knew how best you could convey that emotion without giving in to your anger. It is possible to express your emotions without hurting the other person. Anger Management teaches you just that.

Dr Gayathri from DocsApp explains what anger management is all about.



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