#SpotlightOnIndia: Why Is There A Museum In Goa Named After the Titanic?


Goa is famous for a lot in India and abroad. It is known for its beaches, its hotels, its casinos, its nightlife, and its relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for vacations. But, what is often overlooked is its rich history.

As an ex-Portuguese colony, Goa has a strong heritage of Portuguese, Indian and local indigenous culture as well. Their language is a mix of all three worlds, and their food even more so.

The strongest indicator of this mixed history comes from their architecture. With both towering Portuguese Catholic churches and temples dotted across the landscape, Goa’s buildings are unique across the planet.

Among these architectural wonders lies one structure that stands out even in Goa. The Titanic museum – which holds information about the history of Goan culture! – has got its name for a very simple reason. It looks like the famous sunken ship Titanic!

In the latest episode of Spotlight on India, follow Zafar Mehdi as he explores this iconic, yet hidden, gem in one of India’s most well-known tourist spots.

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