“You Consider It A Help If The Government Doesn’t Get Involved!”


Generally, if you are trying to do a public service, you would assume the government would love you. After all, you are helping them with their job for absolutely no cost! However, according to Arghya Banerjee, founder of revolutionary educational institute Levelfield School, “you consider it a help if the government doesn’t get involved.”

A decade ago, Banerjee was looking for a school for his daughter. After finding the same rote-based learning across the country, he decided to move back home to Suri, West Bengal and start a school by himself!

Ever since his disaffection with the Indian education system has only grown. Government schools struggle with the absolute basics, while even private schools don’t impress him. Instead, he built a curriculum without subjects – instead the kids watch at least two hours of movies a day and get on twitter for 30 minutes!

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