These Shoes Will Help Keep Your Child Safe. Find out How!


Picture these two data sets!

There are 315 million students in India, according to the Census 2011. The National Crime Records Bureau, on the other hand, points out that 28,711 people were kidnapped in 2015-2016 out of which 13,081 were kids.

Kiran Hiriyanna looked at these statistics, stitched together a team of six people and started Schoolay, which he claims is India’s first mono brand for students between age 6 to 17. Schoolay is building shoes with GPS trackers so that parents can track their kids.

Speaking to TheBigScope, Hiriyanna says that the GPS enabled shoe is for all age groups and will help parents track their kids. “Our product gives geographic boundaries for kids for some kilometers across the school campus and an SMS alert is send to parents if they go beyond that. Also, parents can set time for their kids to come back home or else an alert again goes up.”

For now, the startup has a prototype and is yet to furnish a market-ready product.

Hiriyanna says the shoes will also help even senior citizens with declining mental abilities, who can be safely tracked by their family members, in case they are lost.

The startup has already filed a patent for the technology. When asked about privacy issues of users, Hiriyanna says safety comes first.

“This is for a better cause and the fact that we are all on internet means we have given some part of private lives long back to the global public,” he adds.

But Hiriyanna and his team at Schoolay is just not about a GPS enabled shoe. They have built an online platform for school kids which cater to sports uniforms, shoes, bags and books. “We are a 4 month old startup and are a team of 5 people and have closed deals with 14 schools across India. We have clocked revenues of Rs. 72 lakhs rupees so far and have 3500 students who have bought stuff from us.”

He says that school clothing and accessories is a large unorganized market and since they control the end to end supply chain from manufacturing to delivery, they can control costs. “We want to become the Flipkart for school products,” says Hiriyanna.


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