How a Hemp company is using Blockchain to Make Soaps


Two ideas centuries apart have found marriage in 2018.

In the early 1930’s, hemp plant derived from the cannabis sativa species was used in industrial production to make food, fiber, paper. Jump to In 2017 -18, many organizations across the world are using Blockchain technology to make new products and services.

Bangalore based Namrata Hemp company has helped commence the marriage of Hemp and blockchain. The hemp plant based startup is using blockchain to bring transparency in data collection from hemp farmers in India.

Namrata Hemp company was founded by the husband wife duo of Harshvardhan Redi Sirupa and Namrata Redi Sirupa. They spent around 6 years with villagers in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand to figure out the best Hemp seeds for production. They use the seeds to make soaps, oils, shampoo, face cream among other products.

The ecosystem model according to Sirupa uses smart farming, regenerative agriculture , drone mapping and app for the farmers. The industrial hemp seeds are provided to partnered farmers. “Every detail from seeds to product manufacturing will be updated on our servers, creating a fool proof data. The product, can be traced from the the survey number of land, nutrients used during cropping to the manufacturing details.”

Redi adds that their model effectively controls the leakage of raw materials, as every step is monitored including the farms. They are also installing high resolution CCTV’s and Drones for monitoring farms and factories. The access will be given to the government agencies, through a secured app.

The farmer app receives the information from the smart agriculture data points installed on farming land and is updated to their servers, wherein the data is processed to give the inputs to the farmers such as the addition of nutrients to soil, moisture level in the soil and more.

Interestingly, Redi says that Cannabis (Hemp ) is one of the most versatile plants and the Indian strains can survive even in the most harshest conditions with minimal water requirement. ” The Indian strains survived the harsh 42º C, whereas the other seeds are wasted. That was not what I expected during the research.” The most important thing is, it needs good water requirement for first 15-25 days and good nitrogen and is an ever evolving plant.

The last few years has seen many hemp based startups in India like the Bombay Hemp Company and Nirog Street. Much of the raw material used in Hemp based products is brought from countries like China and In India, only Uttarakhand has legal rights to cultivate hemp.

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