How Do You Lead a Workforce With Both Millennials and Older Employees?


In the first episode of our new series CXO Leaderboard with Bhavna Dalal, she talks to Vivek Khanna of First Advantage. Khanna is one of those extraordinary men – he started off as a consultant, moved into management, made it big, quit to go teach in a high school, moved back to management, made it big again, went off to start a farm commune in rural Maharashtra, and moved back to management again. You may have noticed a couple of those career moves were not exactly orthodox.

In this episode, Khanna talks about how his journey has helped him answer some basic questions about modern leadership – How do you lead an office with both millennials and experienced workers? How do you make your employees feel empowered enough to run the business themselves? Whether you are a boss at a multinational corporation or the head of a two-man startup based out of your garage, Khanna’s advice is invaluable for anyone who considers themselves a leader.

You can also listen to this video as a podcast.


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