India has a new national team. Its in a sport most of us have played as children.  Ultimate Frisbee, or Frisbee as you know it, has seen a big spike in interest in cities like Bangalore. 

Ultimate Frisbee is played by more than 5 million people across twenty countries. Its a non-contact sport with no umpires involved in it. Its also a game where both men and women play in a single team. Frisbee was created in the year 1968  in New Jersey by a group of students of the Columbia high school.

This sport has seen a scaling interest from players across India who have come together to form teams under various age categories. They go and compete against international teams in London, Australia and France.

Earlier this year, a 23 member team represented India in Australia.  In India, the game is played in many cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.

The teams are made of school and college students along with regular professionals from various industries in India. TheBigScope caught up with many players practicing on the outskirts of Bangalore at Decathlon. Many players and teams still are looking out for funding to cover their travel and other expenses during international tournament.


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