Indian-American Lawmaker Arrested In Washington D.C.


Pramila Jayapal, the first and only Indian-American woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives, was arrested at a protest in Washington D.C. The American capital was hosting a demonstration against the recent decision to implement a “zero-tolerance” immigration policy against illegal immigrants. This has not only led to arrests of Central Americans crossing the border, but also other immigrants – including Indians – already living in USA.

“I just got arrested with a group of over 500 women who took over the center of the Hart Senate Building, protesting the inhumane and cruel zero-tolerance policy of Donald Trump and this administration, the separation of families, the caging of children, the imprisonment of asylum seekers,” Jayapal said according to The Hindu.

“I’m proud to have been arrested with them to put myself in the camp of people who believe that the United States of America is better,” Jayapal continued in a video posted to Twitter.

Jayapal has been on the forefront of this fight against the border camps. She was the first member of congress to visit the federal prisons where the parents are being held, and personally talked to many of these men and women that have been detained without a trial.

The nearly 600-strong crowd that was arrested at the Hart Senate building were all released soon after. They were taken into custody because they did not have a permit for their protest.

The National Democratic Workers’ Alliance has planned another protest against the border detention centres for children on Friday afternoon. There is an additional demonstration planned for Saturday, organised by the Woman’s March and Center for Popular Democracy Action. According to The Guardian, the weekend’s march is going to be much larger.


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