5 Reasons Why Technology is Good For Your Kids


We often tell our kids to get away from phones, laptops, TVs. All screens. Under supervision, screen time can actually be good for your kids and prepare them for the world we live in. Here’s why-

1.It arouses curiosity

Kids gravitate towards moving images. Colours and sounds are attractive to them. They wonder what those sounds and images are.

2. It opens up new cultures

Ever wondered what a house in Nagaland looks like? Or the fanastic Northern lights? Do you know that certain communities eat ants? Well, the world wide web has all this and more to offer.

3. Enhanced learning and retention

Children tend to remember things they watch and hear. Videos are a great way to make a boring classroom lesson come alive.

4. Learning to fail and take risks

Video games are all about taking risks and making choices. They teach you that each choice has a consequence and that it is okay to take risks.

5.Learn to make and do

There are tons of DIY videos for all ages. Kids can make their own toys, fix things at home, cook, learn new softwares and you can join in and learn something new too!

Watch a LIVE discussion on Technology and Kids here @6PM on 4th May


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