Meet The Straight Woman Fighting For LGBT Rights 


Shubham Mehrotra was already a pretty impressive person before she created the LGBT site that made her famous. She’s been a part of the workforce since she was 17, she studied at a prestigious college in England (where she also started her own company simultaneously), and she got a lucrative job in China right out of college.

So, what did she do? Simple. She quit her job and moved back to Mumbai where she was unemployed for a year. However, that doesn’t mean she just laid around the house. She was prompted to come back after Section 377 was upheld in 2013.

Section 377 was an archaic law – emphasis on was – from the colonial era that forbid ‘unnatural sex’. Essentially, it was a catch-all term that could be used to discriminate against the LGBT population of the nation.

Shubham did what she saw no one else doing – she started documenting the lives of the affected community on Fifty Shades of Gay. Nothing complicated, just simple interviews on the street. Where other people waived off transgender women asking for money, she talked to them.

Before she knew it, her site blew up. But, only abroad. Despite all the international attention, the mainstream media in India continued to ignore FSOG and the issues of the LGBT community.

However, now that Section 377 has been struck down, is anything really going to change?

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