The ex-Indian Army Officer Built a Live Streaming Service for Teachers


Rajendra Prasad Nadella had two dreams. To get into the Indian armed forces and second, make quality education accessible to children across the country. After living through his first dream by serving with the Indian army between 1990 and 2007, Nadella decided to embark on his second dream.

Nadella created a live streaming video platform wherein teachers could teach and interact with students from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Teachers use the Bangalore studios of iScholar to teach Maths, science , history amongst other subjects to students in far off schools where teachers are not present.

Speaking to TheBigScope,  Nadella says they provide an online dashboard which schools and teachers can use to check data sets on students performance, total online users and scope of syllabus. “Changes in education sector need to happen from ground up and not just focus on paid courses on online platforms for re-skilling.”

The other aspect that makes iScholar different according Nadella is its ability to be used by students and teachers in low bandwidth areas. Nadella claims that their live streaming platform can even run under speeds of 500 kbps in India.

Moreover, Nadella points out that apart from teachers who teach in English, they have a team of regional language speaking teachers. Based on data sets, Nadella says that they allow certain regional language speaking teachers to reach out to students in schools in rural areas where the need to understand a particular subject in their mother tongue is required.

Speaking of success stories, Nadella says that their platform helped create academic programs for colleges in Telengana and helped lakhs of students get better trained in technical courses.

Recently they also tied up with Anand Kumar’s Super 30 for a program called i30 which is an online IIT-JEE exam preparation. “ Technology democratizes opportunity for young IIT aspirants who can take the course at half the price of what coaching centres across India offer,” says Nadella.

Nadella quips that education in India is very fragmented and inspite of government programs aimed to better the standards, things have not improved much at the grassroots level. “We get quality teachers to students in schools but we are not trying to replace teachers in schools.”


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