Major update from Facebook on the way it handles your data


In a recent update on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook announced that more than 87 million user’s data had been inappropriately shared with the firm. In the past, hackers had numerous indirect ways in which it could harness user data.

For instance, automated searches with phone number on Facebook search could easily reveal profile details. Or, connected apps could see the guest list for an event, even if it was private. Hackers even abused account recovery system to gather data that Facebook was flashing about the individual.

Now, as of April 4th, Facebook has released an update that makes major changes to prevent future data breaches. These changes would immediately affect the apps that work with Facebook — for instance, Tinder currently stands broken. Users would also have access to more tools to see how apps see their data.

Facebook will continue to be under the radar in coming future. It will be interesting to see how its CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before US Congress on April 10-11.


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