“My Mother Is Ready to Disown Me!”: ChildFund India Director Neelam Makhijani



Neelam Makhijani is a saint when you look her up online. She’s been involved in fund-raising for years, and was a leading journalist in America before that. Now, she’s the Country Director for ChildFund India – a global NGO fighting for child development. So, why does her mother want to disown her?!

On the latest episode of Building Blocks, we delve behind the curtain to find out who Makhijani really is. Is she really the saint she is online, or has she got a darker side that breaks the bank on weekends? (Hint: it’s both!)

Between bouts of personal questions, Makhijani also gets to talking about the fascinating work ChildFund does. An 80-year old global organisation, they claim to spend up to $10 million annually in India, and affect the lives of around 2.5 million people.

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