Only 10% Women in India own Smartphones


In this episode of The Boss Game, we talk to Morden Chen, GM, UC Ads, Alibaba Group. He shared some fascinating insights about the future of the mobile advertisement and smartphone industry in India.

Chen said that in the next few years, many companies will monetize mobile ads and video will grow exponentially higher in economies like India where data prices are very cheap.

Interestingly he says that in India, 90% of men still own a smartphone compared to just 10 percent in 2018. Also, Indians watch cricket and movie entertainment related content in the form of videos online.

He also shared fascinating insights on what he learned by doing military service in Taiwan, his home country. He says that being in the military prepared him well for the corporate journey afterwards. “In camps we learned to accept opinions of all kinds and how to remain as group inspite of differences in ideas. This helped me learn the basics of team building.”

Chen plans to bring a three pronged approach to the Indian market. He plans to bring Alibaba’s portfolio of mobile marketing platform, UC Ads , UC Browser and 9 Apps to local market.

Moreover, according to a report by KPMG in 2018, mobile advertisements are expected to grow from Rs. 34 billion in FY17 to 304 billion in 2023. Many of the top mobile phone manufacturers and E-commerce players work with Alibaba for their suit of services.

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