An acoustic treat! Lazarus Cover by MysticJolt


If you are a fan of Lazarus by British Progressive Rock band Porcupine Tree, this cover by Mystic Jolt is for you. This soulful acoustic rendition is performed by Monjyoti (vocals+guitars), Dipesh (guitars) and Farhad (percussion) from the band MysticJolt.

A band that loves to laugh and play soulful music, MysticJolt integrates their philosophies into their lyrics and perform their faves on JamToast with Host Vidyaa Prakash.

Porcupine Tree was an English rock band formed by musician Steve Wilson in 1987. The band began essentially as a solo project for Wilson but in 1993, Wilson started collaborating with keyboardist Richard Barbieri, bassist Colin Edwin, and drummer Chris Maitland.


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