Meet the 17-Year Old Working to End the Poverty Gap


Yohaan Dalal comes from a pretty privileged background. With two highly successful parents, a high-end high school education and rich friends, you would think poverty would be the last thing on his mind. Yet, it seems to be all he thinks about.

For the last few summers, he has been teaching underprivileged kids when he is off from school. This year, he decided to take it to the next level. While most students during the summer after 11th grade are looking to do their college applications, Yohaan decided to figure out exactly what poverty really meant.

He went back to the village that he taught in, but not as a teacher. Instead, he stayed with the locals for a week, surviving on nothing but Rs.100 a day. After a couple of days of blowing his money on chocolates and chips, he got the hint and learnt how to make daal and rice!

You can catch his full findings in his book Hundred Rupees A Day: My Quest to Understand Poverty on Amazon. He plans to come out with a documentary on his week in the village soon.

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