#SpotlightOnIndia: Qutub Minar Has A Haunted Secret


Qutub Minar is a landmark of Mughal Delhi. As the tallest minaret in the world, it stands at 239.5 feet! However, it is not the only intriguing monument in the neighbourhood.

To the north of Qutub Minar lies Adham Khan’s tomb. Khan was a nobleman and general in the Mughal empire, he was afforded a resting place at a prestigious site. However, unlike other monumental buildings such as Taj Mahal, Adham Khan’s tomb has always been rejected and forgotten.

Step into Bhool Bhulaiya, as the locals call it, to understand how Khan fell from the height of his powers and was executed after killing Akbar’s Prime Minister. But, why did Akbar decide to build him a lavish tomb?

Find out all about it in our video by TheBigScope’s special correspondent, Yadu Vijayakrishnan in the latest episode of Spotlight on India.

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