No Booze, No Smoking & Lots of Sleep: Musician Raghu Dixit’s Rules for Touring


Despite not picking up the guitar till he was nearly 20, Raghu Dixit and his brand of folk music found international acclaim wherever he traveled. His amalgamation of Indian sounds with western touch has rocked numerous well known festivals like Glastonbury.

How did he find his inspiration after hailing from a place where western music was virtually unknown? What is the philosophy behind his music?

In this episode of JamToast, Raghu talks about his band – The Raghu Dixit Project — a well known contemporary Indian folk band based in Bangalore. Their unique brand of contemporary folk music mixing Kannada, Hindi and Tamil draws crowd wherever they play.

Apart from his journey as a musician, he talks about his life during tours and also explains the real meaning of “Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo” (hint: it’s NOT about smoking Hookah).


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