Regional Focussed Startups are the Future in India


In the latest episode of Unicorn Network, we talk to Akshay Bhushan of Lightspeed Partners about the current startup ecosystem in India, the industries that are probably going to see the best growth in the next few months, and the importance of regional-facing startups.

As an investor in ShareChat – India’s largest social media site – Bhushan knows what it takes to work in vernacular languages. Despite not offering an English platform, ShareChat has a monthly active user count into the millions. Unsurprisingly, Bhushan is very bullish on any startup that looks to take advantage of the Jio revolution – i.e. targetting the next billion users from Tier-II towns to rural villages.

Additionally, he also has advice for those startups who want to focus on urban, English-speaking areas – focus on B2B products and services. Logistics, SaaS, and other backend services are the future in that market.

You can also listen to a podcast of the video here.


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