Can Reliance Pull Off the Rafale Deal?


The last few months have been tough for billionaire Anil Ambani. Despite having secured the Rafale deal for Reliance years ago, questions have suddenly arisen with the 2019 national election looming in India. The Indian National Congress has been asking tough questions, but there seem to be no satisfactory answers.

However, lost amidst this political battle of how and why Reliance managed to pick up the deal to build all these French aircrafts, is can they do it? Many people have written them off since they’ve never defence manufacturing at this level.

Additionally, the fact that HAL was actually written off as an option before the Ambani-backed firm got the deal has many experts scratching their chins. However, financial guru Deepak Shenoy remains confident that Reliance would be no better or worse than any other Indian manufacturer.

On the latest episode of The Capitalmind Show, the Founder-CEO explains that no one has the expertise to build Rafale jets in India. All this expertise is going to come from France anyway, so would HAL really have had such a big advantage. Of course, this doesn’t excuse the lack of bidding process, but there’s no reason to think Reliance can’t fulfill this contract.


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