Reuters Foundation Labels India the Most Dangerous Place in the World for Women


Thomson Reuters Foundation has conducted a survey among 548 experts on the issues of women’s rights, and has concluded that India is the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman. The second and third most dangerous countries are the war-torn regions of Afghanistan and Syria. America is ranked tenth.

This survey was an update on a similar one in 2013, in which India was declared the fourth most dangerous country in the world after Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan. The report was based on six criteria – healthcare, discrimination, cultural traditions, sexual violence, non-sexual violence and human trafficking – that the experts had to scrutinise.

In an article on Reuters discussing the report, it is mentioned that at least 20 million women – or “the combined population of New York, London and Paris” – have left the Indian workforce since 2005. According to the World Bank data that they cite, only 27% of Indian women work. Similarly, crimes against women spiked by over 80% between 2007-2016. According to a 2017 National Bar Association study, this increase was despite the fact that 70% of women still fail to report cases of rape.

In response, Rekha Sharma of the National Commission for Women believes that these numbers indicate a larger number of women reporting crimes rather than a significant rise in crime. She continued, “Women are very aware in India of issues and there is no way that we could be ranked number 1 in such a survey. The countries that have been ranked after India have women who are not even allowed to speak in public.”

Additionally, the Maneka Gandhi-led Women and Child Development Ministry rejected the report outright for similar reasons, according to NDTV.




  1. The figure must surely be right but, here some how no one agrees.There are many rape cases which is not at all reported.

    I was working as “Country Security Head” for Lafarge and inspite of my regularly pointing out our lack of safety and security blocks for children in cement plants. I was told by the CEO that Lafarge is not responsible for the safety of children. In March 2014 two young girls (age 10-11) were raped and inspite of the medical report and the accused accepting his guilt he, was quietly told to resign (The company did not report the incident to the police). I was told that the girls parents do not want to report this incident for family honor.

    The police came to know the incident but as it is India hence, they were managed and instead of Rape, molestation case was lodged. (As per procedure the case was not investigated by a lady police inspector and or a lady MBBS doctor)

    As I was the only team member opposing this, I was told to leave and was told that “Rapes keep on happening in India but, for Lafarge business is more important than rapes”

    The incident was also reported to the Global HQ but, they kept mum.

    I still have documentary proof of the same


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