Startup To Start-Up! Bubble Lets You Launch Your App With ZERO Coding Knowledge


A startup that lets you Start-Up!

A relatively new US-based startup called ‘Bubble’ allows other startups to build their apps without any coding knowledge whatsoever. Yes, there are other services similar to Bubble out there, but what makes this group really special is that they operate on a bootstrapped model themselves, while startups that use their services to build and deploy apps, have already received massive venture funding! There can literally not be a better use case than Dividend Finance, that used Bubble to create its app, and then received more than $300 million in funding.

Bubble facilitates comprehensive web-app development

The main advantage of Bubble over other self-deployment tools, is that it does away with most of the limitations that the other no-code platforms levy. This is exactly why so many companies, both big and small in terms of customer base and employee size, still use and rely on Bubble. On Bubble, everything begins on the design tab, on a blank canvas. The platform allows you to create web pages by simply dragging and dropping visual elements on the screen. Users of the AI-response system ‘Typeform’ will find it extremely easy to navigate through the Bubble interface. Bubble allows you to select and customize every aspect of a new design element that you bring to the screen, and it allows you to preview your app in development mode, at every stage.

Bubble Build Apps Without Coding The big Scope

Impressive front-end + Robust back-end

The second tab lets creators define the logic behind your website/app. Working similar to the ‘Automator’ service on Macs, users can add blocks in order to establish rules for chronological action. Each block can also be powered with condition sets. The third tab in Bubble lets you define your user database, and the interactions between your app/service and the database. In layman terms, this is the part where your customer data (user IDs, passwords, authentication tokens, etc) will get stored.

Bubble Build Apps Without Coding The big Scope

Other benefits of using Bubble to launch your app include:

  • Easy availability of hosting-integrated services with a choice of options
  • Easy integration with payment gateways, forms, etc using plugins
  • Easy deployment to Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Bubble, interestingly has never sought funding for its own company. They clock in about $115,00 in monthly revenues, and this is set to grow as more entrepreneurs switch to the new platform for early deployment.



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