Stephen Hawking’s Last Book Before He Died Claimed Time Travel Was Still Possible


Brief answers to the big questions

Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned physicist, proponent of the black hole theory and the author of ‘A brief history of time’, was working on a final book before he died. The book, titled ‘Brief answers to the big questions’ has now been published. In the book, among other simple answers that the late scientist and researcher has provided in an ‘unsolicited interview’ format, Hawking has mentioned that he still believed time travel to be a possibility in the future. In other words, he had not given up hope on the idea.

In an essay titled ‘Why we must ask the big questions’, Hawking wrote “I was born exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo, and I would like to think that this coincidence has had a bearing on how my scientific life has turned out. However, I estimate that about 200,000 other babies were also born that day; I don’t know whether any of them were later interested in astronomy.”

Stephen Hawking was one of the most noted and revered evangelists of true scientific temperament, and all his published works were strife with his signature wry sense of humor. His words had the ability to position his genius and his ability to solve some of the most complex problems of astrophysics as easy-to-understand nuances for anyone who had a keen interest in the subject. His last book, which has been arranged as ‘brief’ answers to the ten big questions (that in Hawking’s opinion still remain unanswered for our species) – touches upon exciting, intriguing subjects such as the presence of God, the possibility of time travel, and the chance that aliens can exist. In his final testament to a generated that he was optimistic about, he has encouraged people to acknowledge doubt, to keep imagining and to stay in pursuit of what was merely ‘unthinkable’.

“Today’s science fiction is often tomorrow’s science (scientific) fact” – Stephen Hawking


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