This Startup Creates Art from Sticks in Jungles


Picture this – You leave your career in the entertainment industry for collecting sticks across jungles and cities . You collect the sticks, give it shape, paint them and sell it to folks across the world.

Meet 42 year old  Bheemaiah, who has been running BheemStyx for the last 3 years. Situated out of a quaint showroom in hustling suburb of Indira Nagar, the stick startup collates branches, sticks from across India and then transforms them into works of art.

Speaking to the TheBigScope, Bheemaiah says that his love for trekking took to him everywhere around the world and he always wondered what would happen to the twigs or broken branches fallen on the ground. “There has to be some usage of sticks lying on the ground. Why let them be just waste.”

He points out that the flea market has helped his cause in India and abroad. The final products is used as walking sticks, compasses, trekking sticks, garden sticks and some are even used for souvenir and has whistles with it. They are available from Rs. 500 to Rs. 80,000.  

He credits Bheemstyx to his father as it was he who taught him to collect the right kind of wood. He collects the sticks during the summer months from Western Ghats and takes 3 to 2 years to develop the final product.


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