Dear Startups, Stop using AI to Get Funding


Many organizations use AI to get funding easily, quips cyber security researcher and CTO of CloudSek, Rahul Sasi.

The Bangalore based startup founder whose team does a lot of work in AI / ML says that lot of organizations whether billion dollar worth or startups use AI/ML interchangeably in spite of understanding the critical difference between the two. “AL and ML are two different things. While AI is reinforcement learning , ML is like manually training a platform like a baby,” says Sasi.

He says that their platforms use AI but is still at a very nascent stage. Their version of AI scrapes through the internet and searches for infosecurity vulnerability across IT systems and websites.

CloudSek was founed in 2015. It has headquarters in Singapore and has offices in Bangalore. Their model helps organizations track information about themseslves across the web ( even dark web and social media platforms ). Earlier last year, CloudSek had released details on data breach of card details at Punjab Nationak Bank on the dark web.

Not only that his team had also figured out loopholes on LinkedIN’s platform related to privacy of users.

CloudSek has around 12 customers and all of them are not in India. They target Fortune 500 companies and considering the security industry will reach 190 billion USD by 2025 according to DSCI, its obvious Sasi and team are going for the kill.


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