“Sweet Dreams” Music Video by Tan Daze


The video of the track is a thought through thriller story conceptualized by Prataya, with the feel of how the song progresses. There is a horror angle to it which is inspired by Marilyn Manson’s look of his Sweet Dreams version. Marilyn Manson is the famous Anti Christ rock artist from the 80s. Being a huge fan, Tan Daze always fancied and gotten amused by his style and real life ideologies. We have wanted to pull off his look in this production which is shown in glimpses. But the ending of the video is open ended and left for the audience to imagine. It is a fantasy story cinematically characterized to portray a social angle of child prostitution. There are 5 characters in the video, a victim school girl, a middle aged abuser, a sophisticated pimp, a suppressed in house slave & the tormented revengeful ghost.

The story has a realistic angle of showing how a lot of times, women and young girls brought in to these ecosystems get trapped and do not get a chance to get out of the circle even if they wanted to. Their families and society abandon them and leave it to destiny and are forced to live that way of life, give birth to unwanted children, raise them in a poverty driven toxic environment and die while no one claims their last rites. Slut shamming is an internal and uncalled for tragic aspect as it starts at home all around the globe. The music video has a dark undertone to it. The idea is for viewers to empathize these societal shenanigans and portray the shortcomings of the same and how they are under looked and considered unimportant.

Tanushree Saha, Vocalist and Music Producer says “Sweet Dreams is an accapella interestingly composed with 4 layers of voices. All four vocal layers are rendered by her with a mix of hard rock music to make it groovy. It’s a complete western classical construction of a song. It was her dream to cover this song with the right accapella version due to the influence of being in a Western classical choir for 3 years”. When the Director, Prataya Saha decided to take up sweet dreams, he had only a few things in mind – to do justice to the creepiness, craziness, macabre and hollowness that echoes through the song. Anshulika Kapoor, actress, tells us that her role in this video is very different from the characters she has portrayed in her previous projects and actor Ajay Dutta talks about the setup being ghastly with mannequins and in a far off mansion surrounded by forests.


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